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30+ Years Experiences in Courier Service

Get the lowest rates with a shipping and tracking experience customers love.

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we sell our products at a low cost(price).

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What We Serve

below are some of our services

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Transportation Services

Offering scheduled same day routed delivery and next day deliveries throughout an extensive South Central US network

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ETSA Certified Drivers

Zip Express incorporates a large staff of TSA certified drivers and non-driving associates.

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Warehousing and Distribution

Warehousing receive, store and ship opportunities throughout the Zip Express network.

Expert Team

Our Expert Team

Our expert team are been listed below

John Dew
Delivery Boy Complete Delivery : 6543
Harry Hardson
Delivery Boy Complete Delivery : 656
Dew Brisk
Admin Complete Delivery : 323


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How can i track my product?

You can track your product using your tracking ID.

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